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Erectile dysfunction treatment

suhagraFortunately, erectile disfunction treatment approaches are evolving on a daily basis. To restore the normal functioning of the penis one should make a choice in favor of comprehensive approaches, ideally under the regular supervision of medical specialists. A complete examination of the body that implies passing a number of tests is obligatory to find out the core problem.

However, if a problem with erectile dysfunction is associated with major chronic disease, the chances for full restoration of function are close to zero. In this case doctors suggest formulations of temporary effect that enable to conduct a sexual act. Thus, a patient may be proposed to order sildenafil citrate, Viagra, dragon’s root and dozens of other preparations of natural/chemical composition.


An innovative Suhagra 100mg drug is, perhaps, one of the most cost-efficient and effective drugs for ED treatment. Suhagra is developed at Cipla, one of the most famous pharmaceutical laboratories. The laboratory was founded in 1937 in Mumbai, today it supplies medicines and dietary supplements in more than 180 countries worldwide. Suhagra is officially approved in the United States, the country known for its particularly high requirements for medicines.

Suhagra, with sildenafil citrate active ingredient, enhances sexual desire in men with erectile dysfunction. The problem is characterized by the absence of a thorough male power during sexual intercourse. Even though a lack of potency may be caused by conflicting underlying causes of both mental and physical nature, according to the results of the trial, the use of Suhagra demonstrates positive results in around eighty percent of the cases.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile-DysfunctionMale organ in sexual intercourse is responsible for delivery of sperm in the female genital organs to initiate fertilization. This fact is explained by the phenomenon of the male body, capable of causing erection under various conditions; thus, the penis is filled with blood until it gets solid, while its size is increased. The mechanism of this process is as follows: penis has two cavernous bodies and a sponge in its structure, ending with the head. Cavernous bodies are composed of so-called lacunae, filled with blood when excited along with the head. This happens due to a dramatic expansion of the arteries that bring blood to the body and at the same time narrowing the veins responsible for its outflow. Lacunae are filled and become swollen. The penis becomes hard and remains so until ejaculation, which occurs at the end of sexual intercourse.

If the penis does not become hard enough to start a sexual act, loses firmness during or right before sexual intercourse, it is a symptom of erectile dysfunction that may be caused by a multitude of reasons, the most important of which is organic problems.

Therefore, the undesired issues may be caused by injury of the penis or spine, surgery on pelvic organs or long-term medication. The problem of inadequate erection may develop as a result of kidney and urinary system disorders. Nearly half of all patients with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction that oftentimes transforms into impotence. Males suffering from endocrine system diseases and taking hormonal drugs on a regular basis also fall into the risk group. And since erection is directly related to the work of the circulatory system, its ailments can affect men’s body functions. Smokers, alcohol fans and drug addicts are also more likely to treat impotence.

Not necessarily finding an impotence cure is a prerogative of those with physiological issues – psychological factor plays an essential role as well. Males typically live in constant stress and chronic depression. Thus, psychological erectile dysfunction occurred at least once in the lives of 99% of men. The situation is exacerbated if the psychological problems make an impact on the individual in conjunction with organic issues.